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Table For Three?

Table for Three? - Bringing your Smart Phone to Lunch & 50 Other Dumb Mistakes Great Managers Don't Make

If you wouldn’t say it to your spouse, don’t say it to your associates and sales team. Never pass up an opportunity to influence young people. The expression on your face is as important as what you say. If you don’t ask clarifying questions, don’t assume others have really heard you.

These are a few of the gems of practical wisdom in a new book by leading performance coach DARRYL ROSEN, called Table for Three? Bringing Your Smart Phone to Lunch & 50 Dumb Mistakes Smart Managers Don’t Make! For those who manage employees, associates, sales professionals, or anyone else on a regular basis, this book is akin to having 50 mini sessions with one of America’s most seasoned executive and sales trainers. 


Is this book for you? Are you looking to...

  • Coach performance — and get the most out of everyone

  • Motivate salespeople — and expand your customer base 

  • Conduct engaging meetings — and boost innovation 

  • Communicate effectively — and see sales and productivity soar 

  • Improve your leadership style — and be more influential 

Written in lively, entertaining prose, the book offers self-coaching lessons designed to help smart managers make small behavioral changes that add up to big results over time.

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